Sunday 11 November 2012

Kgalagadi: September 2009 (Part 5)

We were spending two nights in this camp - the Kalahari Tented Camp. This is the view from our verandah that night:

And this is the view from the braai ("braai" is a South African word for "barbeque"). Over the ridge/dune you see in these photos lies Namibia.

After the really long drive of the previous day and the excitement of the cheetah sighting, we decided to stay in our camp the following morning and enjoy the stillness and vistas of the Kalahari.

Here are some photos taken of the local Yellow Mongooses and birds that morning in the Kalahari Tented Camp.

The Crimson-Breasted Shrike is a beautiful bird - see for yourself!

A Pygmy Falcon was sitting in a tree in the riverbed in front of our tent.

Some more Yellow Mongoose and Ground Squirrel shots:

After a hearty lunch and some siesta-time, we took off for an afternoon drive. We went southwards, as far as the hyena den close to Urikaruus.

Swallow-tailed Bee-eater:

Dead Camelthorn tree:

Black-backed Jackal hunting for rodents (and being quite successful!) - crap photos though:

Kori Bustard (Africa's largest flying bird):

We reached the hyena den, with some of the cubs peeking out, but no movement or action there to speak of:

We turned back. At the 14th Borehole waterhole we saw a Lilac-Breasted Roller (one of Africa's most beautiful birds):

On the loop to Dalkeith waterhole we found some Bat-Eared Foxes out hunting as the day was drawing to a close. It's always a joy to see these chaps.

The sunset was beautiful that evening:

We'd had a relatively quiet day, but enjoyed being in the Kalahari nonetheless. This place helps you enjoy the small things and the sheer variety of life that exists in this harsh landscape. The next day we would be off to the Nossob camp, more to the Botswana side...and it would be an exciting drive there! Watch this space...

Morkel Erasmus

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