Tuesday 8 February 2011

Quick Update!!

Hey everyone...

I apologize upfront for the silence on my side. Things have been quite hectic! First off, our first-born  arrived on Thursday, so much of my time has gone into preparing for her arrival and also in starting to learn the ropes of parenthood.

Here is a photo of me holding little Aimee Erasmus in the hospital:

There are some VERY exciting developments on my side of the world. If you have ever read this blog and wondered what it would be like to go on Photographic Safaris with me, then there's some news coming up which will pique your interest! I'll expand more on it later when things have fallen into place.

I should be able to post a new photo sometime later in the week.

Until then - keep well! I probably won't be sleeping much, but the joys of parenthood far outweigh the side-effects!

Morkel Erasmus