Monday 19 December 2011

PhotoShare: Wild Coast Waves

Since I will not be heading to the beach this summer (work commitments!), I dug up an image from a trip we did last year to the South African Wild Coast.

This morning I hoped for some dramatic sunrise conditions, but a cloud bank hovered on the horizon and kept the sun from breaking through in those first golden moments of light. I still liked the textures of this beach and the motion of the waves.

If you are travelling over this festive season - be safe! If you are planning to do some photography - remember all your gear!

Morkel Erasmus

Thursday 8 December 2011

PhotoShare: Ebb and Flow

So, here is an image I captured in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park recently. Given, it's not a clearly recognisable image at first, and it's not going to be everyone's cup-of-tea...but I felt like sharing it anyway.

Most mornings when you drive out from the Twee Rivieren rest camp up the Nossob riverbed, you see flocks of Red-Billed Quelea move to and fro between shrubs and bushes, looking for food. I looks like an orchestrated wave, and almost like a "swarm". I tried to capture something of this behaviour when they perched on a shrub for a moment. I used a slow shutter speed to enable me to capture a blur of birds as they took off, and hoped for some to remain on the shrub (and to be fairly sharp).

The conversion to black-and-white was also logical from the outset, as the colours detracted from the shape of the blurred flying birds. I am curious to know what you think of this one...

(Nikon D3s, Nikkor 500mm f4 VR-II)  f7.1  |  1/100 SS  |  ISO-200
  Cheers, until next time...

Morkel Erasmus