Thursday 12 September 2013

Kruger: December 2009 (Part 6)

Okay, so it was starting to drizzle again...

As we got to around the next bend in the road - we were faced with this sight!

We got to spend more than an hour all alone with these wet kitties in the lush green bush as the rain fell softly all around...magic!

Suddenly, presumably hearing something (potential prey?), the whole pride shot up like a bullet from a gun and ran into the bushes. We stuck around for about 15 minutes but couldn't see far enough into the bushes to ascertain which direction they were taking. We moved on...and found this cute Common Duiker.

Our drive would be completed by spending time with some of Kruger's famous big elephant bulls...

The weather was getting even more gloomy as we crossed the Shingwedzi river and headed back to camp for some lazy time... be continued...

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