Tuesday 30 November 2010

PhotoShare: Hold On!!

It seems the weeks are getting more hectic as the year drags to an end!

Here is a shot I took in December 2009 (almost a year ago) in the northern region of the Greater Kruger Transfrontier Park.

This little chacma baboon was clinging to his mother for all he was worth as she strolled on by early one morning close to the Shingwedzi river. I love framing portraits of animals that sort of break the mold, and this is an example of one. Many people will find many things wrong with this picture in terms of composition and the likes (for example, the mother's feet are too close to the picture's edge)...but somehow this just works for me. This photo is only cropped slightly from the left-hand side and converted to black-and-white to enhance the story.

Would love your thoughts??

f4.0  //  1/200 SS  //  ISO-800

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Morkel Erasmus