Thursday 16 September 2010

PhotoShare: Steppe Buzzard

So here's my first attempt at a mid-week random blog post with very little of me babbling and a nice photo attached. Rather than calling it "Photo of the Day" (because I can't guarantee that I'll find time to select and post one every single day), I will label it "PhotoShare"...(patent pending! hehe)

This was my very first sighting of a Steppe Buzzard, a summer migrant to South Africa. I photographed this beautiful raptor very early one overcast morning in the Kruger National Park on the road between the Orpen and Satara rest camps.

You will have noticed from my previous post that I started sharing my technical settings as captions underneath my photographs - this is for all you fellow photographers to either learn from or challenge my settings...with the low light here I had to rest the lens on a beanbag draped over the car window to ensure a sharp shot at the 400mm focal length.


f4.0  //  1/125 SS  //  ISO-800  //  Exposure bias -0.3  //  Focal Length 400mm

Morkel Erasmus


  1. Sharp and beautiful it is :)

  2. How much for use of the words "Photo share"....? haha, great Idea and photo....keep it up mate!

  3. thanks Etienne...pick your own cool phrase man ;)