Friday 23 July 2010

Continuous Improvement

Many of you will have noticed that I have been making a few changes on the look, layout and overall content of my blog. It's just the natural progression of being new to blogging  and also the progression I am seeing in the development of my art as a photographer. 

1. I have changed the look to be more streamlined, increase connectivity across social platforms and look more "professional" (hopefully)...

2. I have changed the overall title to "SAFFAscapes - Exploring the beauty of Southern Africa" since I feel that I want to blog more about my photography in general than about HDR (which is what this blog was about when I started). You will have seen the changed direction in the content of my recent posts since May. In keeping with this I have uploaded a new header banner, and I hope you like the direction I am taking with this. The aim of the blog will therefore be to give you, the viewer, a look at the beauty of the part of the world I am fortunate enough to live in through the viewfinder of my camera, in whichever format I can.

3. I am VERY close to launching my very own homepage which will link with the blog as well, will keep you posted on that!

Please give me feedback on what you like and/or don't like on the blog, would love to hear from you!

Enjoy the weekend...

Morkel Erasmus


  1. Morkel,
    I like the new look. Only suggestion is to change the type color. White on Black is harsh and hard on the eyes. Plus, a more rustic type color would go better with the theme.
    Good work. Keep it up.

  2. Hey Morkel...boet it looks great, keeping an eye on you guys for new idea's....plenty to learn and share....Keep It up looks FANTASTIC! Etienne

  3. thanks for the feedback Kenny & Etienne! Glad you like it.

    Kenny I changed the writing colour to a more grayish tone now. Went for "rustic" coloured headers...

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