Saturday, 3 April 2010

An ancient tree...

Once again I have to apologise for a very short blog post. I merely wanted to share this photo I took this morning. It was a very emotionally loaded day for me and my wife and this tree just made me think of the cycle of life and death... 

How many summers and winters has it seen? How many storms has it weathered? How many pests has it had to endure, and was it ever threatened with being cut down?

So I share with you this tree - bearing scars that have healed well and others which are still visible.

May you stand strong and grow where you are planted despite the storms, the hardships and the turmoil. May you soak up every ounce of sunshine and rain as if it were your last. And may I do so as well...

Morkel Erasmus


  1. Morkel
    That tree has personality and a Face like an ancient wizard
    Myer BPN