Friday 16 September 2016

Nikon Unveiled: Understanding Metering Modes

Today I bring you some more behind-the-scenes stuff from my time filming a series of short tutorial YouTube videos with Nikon Asia in Hong Kong back in 2015.

You can't visit Hong Kong and not go and brave the crowds (woah!) to see sunset and the city catch alight with nightlife from Victoria Peak gardens. Here is a photo I captured on this evening (I was even able to capture some photos to be used in the video as stills too):

Nikon D800  |  Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 @ 27mm  |  f16  |  15 seconds  |  ISO-200

Certainly not my preferred way of shooting a landscape (I prefer little to no hand-of-man elements), but it did come out nicely with the moving clouds in my opinion.

Here's a photo of me and my lovely wife on top of the viewing tower:

The video I am linking to this post covers the various metering modes used in Nikon's DSLR camera line-up.

I hope you enjoy these behind-the-scenes posts.
Until next time...

Morkel Erasmus

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