Tuesday 11 February 2014

In Memoriam: Basie van Zyl

Nobody can look up at the magnificence of the stars in the sky and feel untouched or unmoved by them. 

Perhaps you feel very small when gazing up at them. 
Perhaps you feel very insignificant. 
Perhaps you feel that there's so much still to discover.

I look up at the heavens and I see a chorus of praise for God our Creator. I find comfort in the fact that despite the fact that the universe is vast and the stars are beyond a number that the human mind can count to, He has chosen us and loved us and rescued us from ourselves in His Son.

f3.5  |  25 seconds  |  ISO-1600

Yesterday, one of the brightest stars in South African photography circles faded out. +Basie van Zyl was an immense inspiration to countless up-and-coming and professional photographers in the nature photography community in our country. He wrote the definitive star photography guide, he was a soul of the Kalahari sand, he was a gentleman and an all round great guy. After a sudden diagnosis of a severe form of leukemia not even 2 weeks ago, Basie passed away peacefully on Monday 10 February 2014. I count myself fortunate to have known him, laughed with him and shared a meal with him. I never got round to actually taking photos alongside him, and I will regret that for sure.

Life is short and it can all be over in an instant - make sure you love the people close to your heart fully. Remember that the best things in life are not things! Please take a moment to explore the links below...

To purchase Basie's star photography ebook (you will assist his family greatly) - CLICK HERE

To get an idea of his commitment to his craft and his passion for nature, do yourself a favour and read the following blog posts detailing how he managed to obtain an amazing series of photos showing Malachite Kingfishers at their nest:
Part 1
Part 2 

Thanks for your time! Please keep his wife and son and his close family and friends in your prayers during this time of grief.

Morkel Erasmus

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