Tuesday 19 November 2013

Death under the Stars

Few things in the African bush evoke such awe and nostalgia as standing under a moonless clear sky at night and gazing up at the starry expanse above. How many other explorers and adventurers before us have done the same at night (while shuddering involuntarily at the roar of a lion that sounds closer than it is)

This image was photographed in Etosha (Namibia) at a private research waterhole where I was privileged to spend some time earlier this year with my friend Hans Rack. Needless to say, this shoot was kind of interesting as elephants and rhinos would move ultra-silently and walk past us within a few meters (and the lions weren't too far by the sound of it). We remained within a reasonably safe radius from our sleeping structure...but it remained a bit unnerving and exciting at the same time. Gotta love these adventures!

On this flat featureless terrain there wasn't much I could use as a foreground anchor in this shot - but luckily some Kudu remains helped to give this an ominous feel. What do you think?

Nikon D800
Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8
f2.8  |  30 seconds  |  ISO-3200

click on the photo to display properly

I am off to Etosha with my family on Friday - and though I won't be able to repeat this excursion I am looking forward to another trip to the African wilderness!

Morkel Erasmus

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